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I agree with your comments about ascertaining whether there's any milage in even applying first (i.e. CAN you get the finance).

However, your scenarios are incorrect, because they're too general - they assume for example that every recent graduate has parents who haven't got the equity to secure a loan, that every graduate has no savings.
I caveat this right up front by saying that I'm not making ANY comment on the feasibility, achievability or sanity of borrowing the money, just that this is the reality

1/ There is no requirement to secure lending against a parent/guardian/random-stranger-in-the-street's property, for that property to be mortgage free. The requirement is that it holds sufficient equity to cover the loan [to the lenders satisfaction]. If the parents have EQUITY in their home AND are prepared to "risk" that, then you have a loan route available.

2/ Assuming your profile age is correct, then you should be aware that you don't actually turn to dust once past 30....believe me - 35, 30, even 25 years is more than enough time to have a VERY reasonable [second] career. Whether TCX would give you a shot at 30/35/40 years of age is a different question, but I can tell you their last intake of cadets included a 30+ year old for certain.

3/ Yes, there is always "child of multimillionaire". However, having experienced one of those whilst I was training. I can pretty much tell you that "those" characters MAY have other personality flaws that would preclude them. Either way, I would strongly suggest the proportion of (3)'s to the proportion of (1)'s will be vastly in favour of the 1's.

I re-iterate, if you can't afford the course now, if you can't GET the loan, then go and bloody work for it, rather than crying that you're not eligible for the loan now (NOT aimed at you historyftw, btw - a very general comment).
And if you can't make the requirements right now, then why focus on how unfair it is? It's unfair that I will never get a chance to fly Concorde. It's unfair that people my age got fully sponsored training from a variety of operators, where I had to pay. It's unfair that I'm devilishly good looking, with a wicked sense of humour and other people look like John Prescott (alright, I made that last bit up....)

The point is LIFE is unfair.

If Aviation is where you want to be, it's up to YOU to make it happen....either by moving yourself from a (1) situation to a (2) and hoping any scheme such as this is still available when you're ready to start, or by self sponsoring yourself and starting when you can. TCX will not be short of applicants for this scheme, rest assured of that, so if you aren't eligible now, that really is hard luck -but don't whinge about it, DO something about it.
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