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Clanger - personally, I would rather take 50k, paying as I go, not being stuck at an integrated FTO if things don't work out for any reason and not having the stress of big debts (which you should never under-estimate).

I understand that the chances of a job are very low at the moment, and that's another reason why modular suits me as I can slow down/speed up accordingly.

I agree that going into flybe and then TCX is a fantastic career platform, but the 81k would just be a millstone round my neck. Horses for courses. The point I'm concerned with is that people need to realise that this is real money and on their salaries you can not take out anything like a full loan.

Equally, I still don't understand why this scheme is offered in the current climate. TCX could interview the 1000s of current fATPL holders and have a start date in 18 months/2 years very easily. My natural sceptism suggests that this is just another money making scheme.
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