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Yep, my budgetary figure of 80k would include a TR at [the likes of] FR or EZY. It also includes some aspect of living cost - Essentially what I'm trying to get across is that Mod will likely cost you the thick end of fifty grand normally (although I know some people have done it for substantially less - hence I'm talking about a "budget for" figure, not a "it will cost you..." figure). Once you have added a TR on top, you get to the rough figure of 80k

There are obviously other factors, prevailing exchange rate, not going for jet job, getting a job through someone you know etc....however, the comparison here was with the TCX scheme therefore it seems fair to compare the TCX scheme with the mose likely sources of getting to a similar first jet job. This purely on the basis that whilst I'm sure lots of new pilots HAVE got jobs in the last two years without paying TR, the number will be tiny, comparitively.

I was also very careful to specify cost - not debt. You don't HAVE to get into debt to train at all, but whether you do or do not take debt, the COST remains the same.
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