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Guys, really, FFS.
A few ABSOLUTE truths for you all.

- No matter WHAT route of training you take, right now there are virtually no jobs in the Market place AT ALL for newly qualified pilots. It does APPEAR to be getting a little better, but nothing so firm as to hang your hat on.

- The ONLY options that have been generally open for the last two years are ryanair and easy. You WILL pay around 30k for your the rating with either.

- It is NOT as simple to GET one of these jobs as simply "hello mr O'Leary, here's my cheque, when do I start?"

- Even if you go moduar, you should budget for this route, Inc T/R, costing you at least - AT LEAST - 80k overall.

- If you self sponsor, the most likely outcome is that you will spend virtually as MUCH money as you would on his scheme and then spend probably at least half a year unemployed. At LEAST.

I really, really cannot stress loudly, longly, highly, or big enough that the major benefit of this scheme is that you have the job at the end. Yes, there are some other benefits - financial and paid TR etc, but you absolutely positively MUST understand tha getting a job if you self sponsor is THE hardest bit.

Stop whinging about the fact that TCX haven't offered to pay the whole thing for you, or that FTE aren't going to secure the loan for you and MAKE it happen for yourselves. Shit, or get off the pot.

Sorry if this is harsh, but some of you lot are bloody clueless about the harsh reality of what will happen if you 'just' self sponsor. Jeez. Seriously there are hundreds of us already qualfied who would LOVE the opportunity tcx are offering and (some of) you lot are whinging that you don't like the colour of the training AC. Get. A. Grip.

For those who are saying " it's my life ambition, but I don't have anything to secure the loan on" well I do feel your pain, but ever thought of saving for it? If it's really that much of a dream then EARN it, dont just expect someone else to make I possible for you.
Honestly this whole thread is becoming unbelievable.
Rant off. Best of luck to those who recognise just what a good opportunity this is, and that it's the job that's the real prize.

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