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Depends how you ended up flying busses in the first place I suppose. For us miltary has beens who end up with an airline the answer would probably be no don't do it, unless you plan to join the military and stay there if you can (and even then there's much less flying than the old days) in which case that's different. I guess flight crew who have come up the self sponsored civilian route might think it was worth it and see it differently.

A lot depends on who employs you as to what you answer I reckon. Would I recommend they come into the profession in EK? Get Real!! Fed Ex or First Choice ...now that's different and probably worth it.

If your from the UK between going to Uni and getting yourself 30 grand in debt to come out with a degree in media studies or something equally useless you might as well spend 30k on flight training and get a job on turbo plops...maybe.

Would I do the same job in the next life? No chance, porn star for me i'm hoping, ha
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