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Well aren't you just the lucky one, New FO. I'm sure life is very nice for you in your job at BA. How wonderful it must have been to come out with three instant job offers - those were the days, eh? I'm sure you're very nice really, but if you read back over your first post can you not see that it's oozing arrogance? Particularly as you then admit that you know there are ex-trainees facing tough times?

If you could just see through your smugness for a second, what you appear to not have understood is that many of the posts here (and indeed many from ex-CTCers) are here not to be 'negative' for fun, but to provide a dose of realism to balance out the relentless flight school marketing machines.

Yes I did CTC, I have a very nice life, great salary, more just in allowances than my missus clears in total from her (respectable) job, living in a European country where the pilot union has negotiated the most ridiculous tax breaks. I could go on. So money isn't an issue for me either (at the moment) and the job is great and the people I work with are good - very positive. Isn't that nice?

But, as you probably know full well, it doesn't quite work out like that for everybody. Not long ago I was chatting to an ex-cadet now on FlexiCrew who said he was having to borrow money from family to afford to live, because his monthly HSBC repayments and bills were more than the pay he was earning from his flying contract. I've heard stories from friends about bumping into other ex-cadets on their way out of bankruptcy hearings, after HSBC have come chasing them for money while they've been sat around in the hold pool for goodness knows how long, waiting for that first contract to come along. I know some who have been stressed out and involved with lawyers, trying to negotiate with the bank for months. And all of these are people who obtained the funding back in the good old days when HSBC were still offering the whole amount unsecured.

The point I'm trying to make is that I (and others) are not being 'negative' for the sake of it, but trying to point out that spending that kind of money on flight training is a huge risk even when times are good. And the PR and marketing is so good, so promising and so reassuring that you don't realise until you hit the bad times just what an enormous risk it is/was. I started CTC in the middle of a big hiring boom, thought it couldn't go wrong, and ended up only just scraping into a job as the bottom fell out of the hiring market. Do you think if I could have seen that happening, and all the worry and stress that came because of it, I (and many others) would have gone through with it? I would have run a mile. And how do you think I'd have been if, on top of that, my parents' home had been on the line because of it? I'd probably have been asking for directions to the nearest cliff.

I'd love to see you in a room full of ex-cadets, many of whom have been working on FlexiCrew deals, and try and convince them that money isn't an issue. Maybe not for you, but for others it most definitely is.

I'll reiterate what I've said before. I enjoyed the CTC course very much, living in NZ for a year was great, the instruction was (mostly) absolutely excellent, it did what it said on the tin. If people feel it's for them, and have calculated and understood the risks involved, the great - by all means go for it. You'll have a great time and, if it works out, you'll have the job you dreamed of at the end of it. I'd have no problem recommending it. Better times appear to be on the way, and this can only be good news for CTC and other schools. The problem is that many people DON'T understand the risks, which then become apparent when things go wrong and it's too late.

Hopefully you don't feel too 'irritated' after reading this, old chap, but I make no apologies for my views on the matter.

Just a few quick questions regarding your posts...

i have a main reason for sending this; to encourage support!
Support for what? The decision to spend 100k+ just because, once upon a time, it happened to work for you?

they just need to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.
Explain what you mean by this? 'Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel'? As far as I can see, you mean adopting an attitude of "don't worry lads, things will be alright - bury your heads in the sand for now." A flight school marketing department would love to have you on board.

Slating someone because they've got an ATPL!
What are you referring to with this? Can't see any slating going on here, just advice.

Enjoy your nice life at BA, let's hope BASSA don't bring it to a shuddering halt and you end up at the back of the job queue...
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