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Your age will not be a hindrance to you getting a job.
However...remember that despite the glossy brochures and the "holier-than-the-rest" flight school that is Oxford Aviation, they are simply not in a position to offer, guarantee, find, assist or garner you a job in any way.

If they are so concerned about your age being a factor then I have two questions:

Why are they "approving" or "accepting" you on the course?

Why are you agreeing to risk 75 grand on training?

The fact is, you can get your training done for a hell of a lot less and STILL HAVE AN EQUAL CHANCE OF GETTING A JOB AT THE END OF IT ALL!

This bullshit about where you go to school being influential on where you get a job has to stop.
Consumer watchdogs take note.

This business is all about WHO you know!
Those of you who got into a flying gig without an internal contact, number a very lucky few.
Everyone else....knew someone on the inside.

That, my dear wannabes, is the reality of the industry you are entering.
If you are not good at making friends and networking.....you'll be a paper-pilot forever!

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