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Jimmy Recard
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Cheers for the responses guys, sounds like there is some good advice in there - will hopefully be up as much as possible in the next few months. It gives me a little more motivation to be stuck in my office all day as well knowing that I need those sweet $ bills for flying on the weekend!

That's great news about the Army height requirements cj0203! It seems like that issue has affected the majority of people here. Will have to check my specs when I get home but I'm almost certain that I'm 96cm... Ah well, Army was my 2nd preference in any case - can't win them all.


That seems like the way to go - The guys at the flying school I'm going to said they would put me in a decathlon as well after a few hours in something a little tamer. I got my letter today as well but from what I've picked up on here it seems as if they let you know 3 or 4 weeks out which is a little more considerate for us full-timers - here's hoping we get a spot mate!
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