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I am hoping that 'call me Dave' and Nick will soon realise that Afghanistan is a no-hoper, costing many lives and much money in support of an 'ally' who increasingly treats the UK with contempt.

The PM should turn down his invitation to the White House and the accompanying gift (a Kewpie Doll from the 'Tacky Tat Man'?) and remember that most of the current financial mess originated in the US by deliberate greed coupled with failure by the authorities.
Frostbite.....are you saying our Dear Leader is not the salvation to American Foreign Policy he was billed to be by your Media and Liberal leaders? I thought all would be Milk and Honey upon his election and his sorting out the failed policies of Dubya. Did I misread the UK and European news reports and forecasts?

Did the buyers of all those bad derivatives bear no responsibility in those transactions? It was all evil America's fault was it?

Your social welfare state along with most of Europe is financially skint....as is the USA.....that is the sad truth and it has nothing to do with American business alone. It has all to do with governments that spend too much money and cripple the private sector by removing investment capital in the way of TAXES.

Get a grip......you are just a small island nation now and not an Empire. You have to learn to live like one unfortunately as the flow of money and assets has long been cut off.

Perhaps the Royal Family can be convinced to contribute more to the economy than they do now.....as Royalty should they not set the example for the commonfolk?

Lord knows our "Elite Class" sure don't!
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