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I flew this aircraft a few days ago in Dayton Ohio as a demo flight, it is serial No1 as 10540 says but they pretty serious about bringing it to market.

It handles beautifully and ticks a lot of boxes, on a cosmetic level I could not like it, the Shape looks very bloated but the upside to that is the cockpit and rear 4 seats are comfortably roomy.

The rear seats are quite utility in feel and appearance but I am told more crash resistant than say a Piper Mirage, but definately not the more luxurious feel.

The Rolls Royce engine is of course very proven and I guess can be maintained anywhere in the world.

this one was equipped with a R9 Avidyne which is nice kit but the radio was on the yoke which was weird.

it was generally very well made, excellent aircon which you would need as only one rear door, Fuel flow around 20 GPH or less of Jet A1 is very attractive, and yours for I think $1.65m USD

Have a few pics I should be able to post later.
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