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Part of that 97mil is without doubt to ensure there are no ASIC holders airside having a drink after all the aircraft are safely hangared.
After all we're from the guvmint we're here to make sure you're safe from yourselves
When the fuel excise was lifted on avgas in the interests of user pays, avgas became cheaper than mogas, hurrah, until the fuel companies discovered they had to increase prices to make ends meet....... and the guvmint decided to introduce just a teensy 1c/ltr I think tax to fund something or other, which our friend Albanese has latched on to.
Meantime we all got slugged with the user pays terminal/sector fees which are still with us and steadily increasing.
It's no good bleating about it on this forum the only way is to have some concentrated response. Join AOPA or some other outfit whose members use avgas and let your membership dues support some argument that the pollies might listen to
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