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Ian Fortune

Well said WM and MGD ...

To clarify ...

Being hit was just a very small part of an outstanding piece of bravery and flying from Ian and his crew that day. Too hot to go in initially, men literally dying from their wounds on the ground, taking MG fire on the way in, taking MG and SA fire whilst on the ground loading casualties, taking MG fire on the way out resulting in aircraft issues shall we say. Dealing with all that, then getting hit in the head, bloody streaming down his face, having the composure to keep control and make sure his crew were ok whilst demanding from BN everything she had left to get the casualties who were still dying in the back to Bastion. Then after literally a day or too to recover, back flying Ops and IRT into similar situations.

It was not simply a stray round hitting him as he went about his business !

I hope he gets an award - he bloody deserves it, and knowing Ian, he will accept in on behalf of us all. No one flies to be recognised out there. We do it to help the blokes on the ground who are literally in the fight of their lives. Words can not describe our respect for them and we would fly into hell if it meant getting them out alive.

Finally, special mention to MERT - you know who you are. Thousands of families owe you a debt for keeping their loved one alive in what must be by a mile the most challenging medical environment anywhere in the world.
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