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Despite my usual abismal standard, going down and slowing down is a relatively simple affair (cos if I can do it..anyone can) as long as you understand the basic energy management requirements of your present mount.
Yes its all very well saying its 3 X etc etc, and then add a bit for wind/wife and kids/crap radar vectoring, but the reality is, you develop a feel and an understanding of how things should look.
I use the 3 X's table, but I also have a bit of a guess, then I re-guess, then guess some more.
My only hard and fast rule on the current beast (wingletted 757's and 767's) is gear down at 5.5 DME to achieve 160Kts at 4 miles.
Other than that, flying a jet is more like thinking 50 miles ahead...and in my case..behing 20 miles behind
The only G/A's I have ever flown have all been self-inflicted...
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