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are you taking a stand against oppression? or are you trying to overthrow a democratically elected government?
The second question is implicit in, or may necessarily follow from, the first, and the answer to both is "Yes"

We have here a government democratically elected on the explicit promise that it would impose no new taxes. It was not in office a dogwatch but it imposed new taxes. Seems to do it daily, in fact. Its performance as government is not predicated on the democratic process by which it got the job.

As an earlier poster made explicit, in the US the People, not the government, are sovereign: "We the people"; not "We the government" as the constitutionists tell us is the case here and with you.

Not sure, of course, that that was always so all over the UK, as for example in Scotland where the Kings were Robert Bruce, King of Scots, and Mary Queen of Scots.
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