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Sorry but I seem to be having some trouble
I'm not surprised, Seldom, that you do and I do not au fond disagree with you.

In my post I did with intent tell my story as "even here", since this is a placid country that will accept just about any bullying by da leeberal or "authority". I wrote that the Bank was entitled to follow its process. That was the law. Advice to that effect was met with universal incredulity ["Everybody KNOWS the bank cannot take a farmer's grain"]. I also ventured the thought that Justice was not ill-served in the actual result. That was quite apart from the law. I rather think the mythical "everybody" agreed, local bank officials and police included.

Why do I think the second part? Simple. For years the banks pressed farmers to take out more and more by way of loans at rates above 20%, and then when things went a little -- or even a lot -- sour they pursued the debtors at those rates when revenues and current rates had tumbled far below that. It is not so long since financial institutions owned over half the land in one of our provinces.

As it happens, I thought my farmer (not really mine, but I had a peripheral involvement) did not have a snowball's chance in law and so stated, but inwardly as the lady novelists used to write I thought the bank had little merit in morality. It was then out of my hands. As I say, Br'er Rabbit, he lay low. I was privately delighted to follow the tale. The farmer was a local hero.

Really, though, my intent was to answer a poster who wondered if people really really would take up a gun in response to oppression. Yes, they would.

When will they do it? Aha! Government does not really know how far it can push, so in your country it plays very safe by taking away all the guns. Nothing to do with gun culture. In the US they have to be more careful. That leaves you open to attack by people who have weapons. Government does not care a damn until that fateful day when you try to defend yourself and then it comes down on YOU, because you have exposed its feet of clay.

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