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There is much talk from the Americans on this board about how owning guns ensures that they cannot be pushed around by central government. How true is this? If the Federal Government started behaving in a way that you felt was impinging on your freedoms, do you really expect that the population would rise up and go to war with the government? As I stated, this is a serious question and I am looking forward to what should be some enlightening answers.
The scenario is a little farfetched, but not entirely so.

And the answer is "yes." Do I mean me with my .45 trying to take out an M-1 flying the Obama red flag? No.

I mean that if the government crosses the intolerable line, which I think it is dangerously close to doing, that I will resist either passively or actively should it come to it. I don't believe I will be alone.

An all out assault on the 2d Amendment (pun intended) will be such an intolerable act (again, pun intended).

I hope it never comes to that and I am hopful (although hope is never a good strategy. That's ironic, eh?) that the elections this November can counterflood the port list in the ship of state.

I am nervous, but cautiously optimistic.

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