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You have to remember we see the Government as being subservient to the People in this country and not the other way around
Interesting that you use that word "subservient". That is exactly the word that took me out of constituency politics here. The Party gave a weekend training seminar at which one numskull from HQ told us we board members were "totally subservient" to them. That was my cue to get off my mark. Sayonara. Don't call me.

The essence of the US constitution is "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" and of the Canadian is "Peace, Order and Good Government", and our national symbol here is a policeman on a horse.

Even so, there was the farmer who owed money to the bank. He was in default and the bank went through the motions to seize his farm, as perfectly entitled to do. Bank passed the good news to Farmer: "We'll be along on the tenth. Have the keys ready!"

Farmer responded: "Meet you at the gate. With my shotgun. First man sets a foot on my land, I blow his f*ck*ng head off".

Br'er Rabbit, he lay low.

Well it turned out that everyone at the Bank from Provincial Vice-President down to Wee Lassie who made the Coffee at the Branch was off on course or vacation or sick-leave, and no one really knew when he/she would be back. Honest. Hard to say.

Naturally people were understanding. After all, no Banker signs on to have his head, f--- or not, blown off. But soft! What of the Horsemen? The shiny boots, the spurs, the cowboy hats? They always get their man!

Not the local lot. For one thing, as there always is with policemen, there was "the budget", then the training program, and the conference out on the Coast, and as always understaffed, and so on.

They never did seize the farm, and Mr Farmer never did go to jail, and all was negotiated to a peaceful end ..... with his weapon of mass destructiion in the background. Was Justice served? All in all I think so. The influence of one little 12 gauge is very great.
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