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Originally Posted by larssnowpharter View Post
In theory, the constitution should allow me a Sqn of F22s and a silo of missiles. However, the government has allowed a divide to emerge and such weaponry - allowed I believe by the amendment referred to - is now illegal. The government has much bigger toys to play with and my power to withstand it and its depredations has now withered to nothing as I am left with weapons barely more capable than those available to my ancestors to 1888.
As much as I would like to own my own private fleet of F22's....

I don't think they are necessary for the purpose, certainly here in the good 'ol US of A, where we have access to National Guard assets, with the suitably trained folk to go with them.

We get to protect ourselves, and any issue requiring any more hardware would no doubt be a state or multi-state issue, which I like to believe we would not get to, no matter how hard some of these idiot politicians try to divide.

For me it is much more a matter of personal defense, for which I have sufficient assets to employ, the exception being automatic fire, though the Falklands demonstrated fully auto doesn't always win the day.

I like the "mystery" alluded to by Brick and others in CCW, as a deterrant for muppets to not know if they might just choose the wrong person who wont be a victim.

The option, on occasions that I deem fit to carry, such as in the car on certain journeys, are when I want the option, without prior permission or transport rules, like unloaded in a lock box in the trunk, that make it pointless is another reason to support CCW.
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