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Again folks.....the discussion is about "Freedom" and not all pro/anti-gun arguments.

The issue under discussion is about having the ability to make one's own decision....not the dangers of firearms, risk of being a victim of crime, or being made a giant among men.

I maintain, as a "free" person, I am able to make my decisions to possess firearms and do so as long as I do no harm to others. We have laws that define the situations in which I may display, carry, or use firearms but the basic determination of whether to possess the firearm should remain with the individual and not the State.

Use a firearm wrongfully and one can face criminal and civil charges up to and including Murder, which in most US States is a Capital Offense.

Thus arguing about limiting my Freedom out of fear of what I might do....as compared to punishing me for having done wrong...simply miss the concept of what "Freedom" is all about in my view. As long as it is someone else's freedom that gets limited that is fine to them though in time all of our freedom's disappear as one "aggrieved" group lobbies for limits on others.
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