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I thought I had made that clear - I don't know you, you might be a nutter. I don't want a nutter owning a weapon. Shooting targets isn't necessary - and it is a sport in which the tools you use for that sport are terribly dangerous in the wrong hands. The easiest way to prevent them getting into the wrong hands is to prevent them getting into ANY hands.

Surely the point about carrying a gun, or not, is that the 'baddies' know that if they try to pull a robbery there is a good chance that they will get shot, so they don't. No shooting and no robbery, a good result!
So you don't want the rifle for the targets then? You REALLY want it for "home defence" ? If the "baddies" know that you might have a gun, they will still pull the robbery - just make sure that you don't have any opportunity to pull your trigger (perhaps by pulling theirs first.) It's an escalation of violence thing.
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