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I dislike guns but the USA has different attitudes, acceptance and laws and so it is nothing to do with me so my comments are curiosity and not criticism.

So for those of you who carry concealed weapons what is your reason for doing so?

If you were confronted by a thug pointing a gun at you in order to rob you what would you do, draw your gun or what?

If you did either get robbed or were, say, in a convenience store and a robbery took place in your presence what would you do?

Would you be prepared to shoot someone or risk a stray bullet hitting someone uninvolved?

My immediate reaction with thugs getting hurt or killed when committing crime is to think that is a good result but it doesn't alter the fact that taking a human life is a very profound thing and from books I have read written by special forces personnel a good many of them suffer psychological problems from the work and the suicide rate seems quite high so presumably shooting someone might come at a psycholgical cost.

As I stated I am genuinely curious not critical.
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