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1980s throwback Harriet Harman calls black audience 'brothers and sisters'. Audience falls about in laughter

Is this a record? There are now four far-Left groups fighting against Harriet Harman in Camberwell and Peckham. As well as Socialist Labour, there is the Workers’ Revolutionary party and the Alliance for Workers Liberty, plus the Green Party, whose policies are so far-Left they’re almost far-Right (economically, they’re extremely close to the BNP, with the emphasis on extreme). Nice though they are – my local candidate looks like just the sort of man I’d trust to buy weed off on holiday – given the chance they’d have half of us starving to death in no time.

Still, I’d vote for any of these losers if it meant chucking out Hattie, who meanwhile is having a hard time trying to keep it real in south London. According to this Guardian report, her attempts to win over an assembly of black voters didn’t go entirely well.
And things got worse with her opening line: “Good evening, brothers and sisters.” The audience fell about in a mixture of laughter, anger and disbelief. Why is she addressing us like some 1980s community activist when we know the feeble record of her, and her government, over the last 13 years, they asked themselves?
Ouch. It could have been worse, I suppose. She could have tried to rap or sucked her teeth and said “wagwan”. But never let it be said that this St Paul’s-educated daughter of a Harley St doctor who walks around south London with a bullet-proof vest does not understand the needs of the black community.

Joseph Harker is certainly right about the 1980s community activist tag – for the people behind Gordon Brown’s misfired “Gene Hunt” poster attacking David Cameron, that decade was one of spivs, yuppies and Thatcherism, but for many others it was a decade of extreme Left-wing local politics, the birth pangs of the Loony left, political correctness, multiculturalism and lots of other phrases everyone is sick of hearing about. The tragedy is that they’re now in power forcing their crazy ideas on millions rather than thousands – and it’s a sad look out for the people of Camberwell when the authoress of the Equality Act is the voice of reason and sanity.
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