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Anyway, in Smolensk wind was 2.5m/sec.

(On Yak with journalsists read in another place it could have still be carrying on old Russian RSBN (Radiolocating System of Blizney/Near Navigation) parts compatible with what Northern has for the approach to it but fron the opposite side of entry into the runway.

That this RSBN equipment was definitely carved out of TU154M, when modernising it for Poles with ? modern avionics systems.
RSBN they say is Russian old equivalent of foreign VOR DME. That this is used for night/day hand piloting or semi-controlled piloting to (ex-USSR and around) airports at weather minima.)

The other blog is lost for absence of new data and spent last 30 pages discussing spies crawling around with false beakons temporarily installing them to navigate the plane away :o). Likewise terrorists capturing the controller and making him say what they want. :o) Likewise what the only Polish word said that became known through the chap who listened to the record but doesn't say what it was - what it could mean - in English "Are we on time?" - like when was it said.

The new date set by Polish side is Thursday when the Polish General Prosecutor promised to publish the black boxes again.
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