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- a quote from the plane manual given there "the allowed ? deviation sideways? for the height of the maneuvre beginning of 80m and distance to runway 1,500m for TU154M is 70m."
TU154M text-book by Petin, p.62, Table 9.

- by Polish media, the current kommander was in the second pilot capacity during Kachinsky's flight to Tbilisi. :o(

- some "reverse" capability of TU154M was there, not "blocked" at landing automatically (video by other TU154M brought as proof)

- During the 7th April flight of Tusc the "metric" system was used (from the Polish media interview with Stronsky who stayed at home this time but was flying that flight to the Northern)

- someone said that "my friend delta-planer insists GPS is off by 300 m after the war with Georgia" but was responded "I don't know what your friend says; my 100euro navigation for the car is 15-20m lying steady in the parking lot :o), as it were before the war with Georgia - the same it is now" :o)

-TAWS someone commented is "tomohawk system adaptation; set for 200 m above the ground, no use with tiny variations of the ground closer. Would be useful for them only for that big hill further on. "

- Smolensk Northern is not in some IATA certification ? books?
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