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It would seem that some using this forum are unsure, unaware or are detached from that which they signed up to when they joined PPRuNe. Those rules are the basics for using PPRuNe and those which the moderators act upon. There are others which the owners of the site impose and we act on those as and when required.

Then we come to SPOTTERS BALCONY. This forum is for those who as it says at the top: If you're not a professional pilot but want to discuss issues about the job, this is the best place to loiter. You won't be moved on by 'security' and there'll be plenty of experts to answer any questions.

In a nutshell as they say. Spotters it has to be said are not always welcome in the professional forums, and for good reason, because some of them make a nuisance of themselves and upset the pros and natives. Although it is true to say that spotters are aviation enthusiasts who are just looking for a place to have fun and enjoy their hobby, there are others who like to think they are Professionals but who have no more experience than using the MS Flight simulator. We cannot stop them but we will act against them if they try to pass themselves off something they are not.

We recognise the fact that we were all spotters once, which is, more or less, why we have given them space on PPRuNe. However this is the forum for your fun.

Having said that. If you have questions about flying in the airline world you are free to put them here. I guarantee you will get answers from the Flight Deck or anywhere else.

Now, as for knocking moderators as was demonstrated last evening, that is a no no. It is moderator abuse and it will not be tolerated. It can get you an immediate ban or a permanent one. That also applies to naming names, abuse, snide, insults and the like so best be on good behaviour. We do delete posts if they are found to be any of the above or fall short of just being nice to each other, so best you try to act with good common sense.

That's about it. The rest is up to you. You can enjoy it for all its worth because it is there for that reason.

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