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again, the CASA accident similarities are stunning...

ASN Aircraft accident Casa C-295M 019 Miroslawiec AB

- The PIC did not have any previous experience on this version of CASA C-295 aircraft, which was additionally equipped with 2 IRS/GPS LN-100G units instead of 2 TOPSTAR 100-2 GPS receivers, and, ironically, with EGPWS Mk. V unfortunately lack of cryptographic modules in GPS receivers, which made IRS/GPS LN-100G system almost useless (IRS alone with no GPS enhancement) caused flight crew to use handheld GPS receivers (Garmin GPSMAP 196),
I do not suggest such gigantic errors were possible in the Tu-154, but sometimes
the Polish army lack some really negligible amounts of cash to buy software
and database updates to the most sophisticated systems installed, that cost millions...

EGPWS Audio warning was inhibited (the flight crew missed EGPWS test before departure from Warsaw, even though it was a checklist item, and never corrected the problem the PIC was not familiar with the system he has never flown before CASA C-295M equipped with EGPWS) in result no audio warning of excessive bank angle, high terrain closure rate and high sink rate was available to the flight crew, as well as no automatic height above ground callouts were given,
Again, I do not suggest such gigantic errors were possible in the Tu-154.
But the similarities of these two accidents are stunning.
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