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FAA training for JAA Licence


Another newbie here, but im wondering has anyone tried this route, and more importantly gotten a job from it?

JAA Professional Pilot | Angel City Flyers, Inc.

Basically, you do all your training in the states under an FAA PPL, add the ratings on to it as you go and then convert the lot to a JAA licence at the end in stapleford...

Oh, the only thing missing from that is you have to do the JAA ATPL exams seperately before you can convert, but it is possible to do those on the cheap post-ppl on the side...

I know PTC (waterford, ireland) do something similar as an integrated course and it still magically works out at some ridiculous figure too...

So im wondering... has anyone tried a route similar to this and actually gotten a job from it?

By the way, for disparity, im not talking about doing your JAA training course in the states directly like they do at Naples or Ormond Beach. I'm talking about doing your training under an FAA licence and then converting that...
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