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You certainly make plans with the family, but there is always the possibility that you might not be there on the day. It is part and parcel of the life here but everyone is used to it so I never hear anyone complaining. Friends understand that you might have to pull the plug on an engagement at late notice.

As you say, the only time you are fairly safe is when all the jets in your fleet are out of country. You can then feel fairly comfortable with taking a drive into the dunes or across the other side of the country (only an hour away anyway).

A lot of staff still take their chances and pop down to the inland sea anyway and I haven't heard of anyone getting caught out. Likewise with having a beer in the evening. Technically, you are still on call so having an ale over dinner presents a small risk. That said, not that many short notice calls come up.

If people reading this want a roster and known days off, don't bother applying as you won't like it here.

If you don't mind being on call 24/7 and enjoy the spontaneity of new and varied destinations, with a fairly low annual flying rate, then consider it.

If you come, don't expect a perfect operation. The split from Qatar Airways last year removed some of the shackles on the operation, but it is taking time to implement the improvements that everyone was anticipating. There is still a way to go and whatever skills and expertise that come with new hires would be welcome.

It will suit some and not others. Horses for courses as they say. Bear in mind that the customs and cultures of the region apply to this operation, as to any other, so a measure of patience is needed. If you get frustrated or angry easily, this region may not suit.

Going back to some of Check Sixes questions, the medical insurance for family is quite comprehensive and most of us consider it adequate. It does not cover the USA, except as transients. It does not cover dental nor maternity, but having a child in the local system is not too expensive. I believe that children are covered up until their 18th birthday.

School fees (QAR80,000 for 2 kids) is adequate for 2 primary school children, but won't cover 2 x secondary school students at the typical expat schools (The American School of Doha, Doha College, Park House School, Doha English Speaking School). Check their websites, all the fees are listed so you can see for yourself. There can be problems getting kids into the school you want as positions are limited. That said, the American and British schools are of a good standard so don't worry about that aspect.

Per diems are paid on the first sector ex-Doha and are adequate. Hotels are generally good, with the occasional let-down.

There are no staff travel benefits at all as we are a private operation with no commercial benefits to reciprocate to airlines.

The Golf Club in Doha is popular with another course to be built in the near future. I don't know about membership costs but visitor fees are around USD100ish (I believe) for a round. The Rugby Club is popular (for the booze as much as anything else) and the social games are fun to be a part of or watch.

I don't know whether applicants have been contacted yet but we need people very soon so I would anticipate things will happen soon.

I hope this helps.

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