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A previous poster commented that people 'deserve' to fly on 'safe' aircraft with 'safe' systems and 'professional' crew, though he stopped short of saying that operations into sub-standard airports should be banned, even though there is comprehensive evidence that they should (forgive me, I'm paraphrasing).

While that's a lovely idea, the fact is that the public now believe that aviation is 'safe' enough (and why not, aviation has been shouting that at them for years) and this explains some of the horrific and unnecessary things that go on.

It would be lovely to think that a tragic and high profile accident like this would engender change, but it won't. We'd need loads more accidents, and many more grieving families, before we saw a worthwhile change. ('tombstone imperative' qv).

Sorry to be the harbinger of doom, but those are the facts (and I've been around long enough, and in enough places, to have worked them out for myself).

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