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take from it what you want.

I've just seen my post has been made in to a sticky, which was not intentional!

I completed my MCC at European in Bournemouth in June last year, all the training was done with out any time off inbetween, the hour building was slightly longer than I hoped due to the typical northern weather between September and Feb.

For my training I appreciate it was still not the cheapest way to get the pieces of paper, however I wanted to do all my training within the UK, as it was important for me to train in the UK airspace, with the weather and to get the most out of it.
I had heard of peoples experiences that being shipped off to the States was not as promised in the PPL brochures (the ones with 737s glossy pictures on the front!)
I looked around 3/4 flying schools before selecting the right one, you can't really do that in America..

The costs I initially put up are current to this day, and I think if I were to do it again I could make it cheaper with the PPL on a Cessna 150/152, and make sandwiches rather than have all day breakfasts for lunch!

PPL, go for a simple 2 seater.
Groundschool, checkout groundschools for offers - or possibly distance learn?
Hour building, buy in to a 100hr building package.
CPL/IR - If you are going for a multi-engine rating, I would suggest doing the CPL.IR all in the multi, otherwise you will be learning to fly two aircraft. Keep it simple!
MCC - 737-200 at European in Bournemouth can not be beaten! Top quality course, lower prices than some static King Air sims, Instructors who can not be beaten on knowledge, and lets face it you have a go in a 737 for the first time!

Accommodation whilst doing the full time ATPL groundschool, some guys I knew hired their own house during the time and shared the costs between them, worked out very cheap, and shared lifts to/from the airport.

These are my thoughts, some of you I am sure will have better/different views!
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