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Originally Posted by SaddamsLoveChild
I do have to ask if the circa 1.5 million . . . may be better spent on the defence budget and not touting a morally and financially suspect british waste of space company.
The Sparrows have been the major draw at airshows for many years now (XH558 has slightly eclipsed them recently).
I've seen the crowds disperse as soon as they have finished their display (unless they started the day's flying). Joe Public might not fully appreciate the skill required - but they know what they want to watch!
I've also seen people of all ages crowding to get autographs - and who knows how many youngsters have been persuaded to join up through seeing them at some stage of their life, additionally, within the RAF it gives something for the pilots (and ground crews) to aspire to.
So don't underestimate the benefit to the RAF . . .
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