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Twould be a sad day when someone needed help on 121.5, but all the aircraft in the area had their volume turned down due to unnecessary chatter. I hate to say it, but England seems to be the worst offender.
I haven't flown in a while, so things may have changed, but I assume from that remark that there is a deathly hush on 121.5 over Scotland. Or over Wales.

Leaving the frequency free for cabin PA announcements, company messages, and all the other distractions which may occur.

I do not want to fly sitting behind pilots who are unable to concentrate upon their primary duties because they are distracted by RT exchanges. How do they cope with all the messages passed on their en-route frequency, and which are not addressed to them?

Is it not the case, to get back to the topic, that the task of pointing out misuse of 121.5 is primarily the role of the ground station, and that pilots should have more imortant tasks to perform than to screech "You're on guard" every time somebody speaks on 121.5?
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