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Bienvenu, Welkom etc

It is so gratifying to see new contributors and above all, younger ones.. I feel that there will, inevitably come a time when you will be asked to do what the present generation are already doing.. It is virtually upon us already. I am not going to say any more on that because it would not be printable. Like every generation and especially in wartime we had our own words and expressions so I urge you not to hesitate in asking if there is anything that you don't understand. Please let us have your own impressions, suggestions and, above all questions. . I can remember , as an eighteen year old, when I first joined the R.A.F, that I felt as though I was entering a foreign country and could barely understand the different dialects because, like most of my generation ,I had probably never been more than fifty miles from home and I had never sworn in my life. Never feel foolish about it Time is running out fast for the answers to be given from experience. I am not being the least bit morbid, just practical. Quoting Delia "Let's be 'earing from you." Good to have you aboard, regle