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I see that I made an air test at Snaith on July 21st. 1943 and went to Hamburg on the 24th .'43. on what was to become to known as the "Fire bomb" raids when the RAF bombed Hamburg for three consecutive nights whilst the Americans followed each day. It makes me shudder to think of it to this day. So although Fred was already at Snaith, I cannot remember meeting him and he was certainly not in my Flight (C).
Icare9. Sorry if I did not go more into the Berg crash but my memory has erased the details as memories are wont to do over unpleasant things... Yes, the entire US Ice skating team en route to Prague for the World Ice Skating Championships, were killed, together with many members of their families who were accompanying them. I did mention it in one of my earlier threads together with the awkward moment when I went ice skating in New York on one of my trips and was asked by one of the professionals what I did and when I told him there was an awkward silence before he told me he had lost his fiancee in the accident. One of life's lesser moments ! If you Google, Sabena Accident, Berg they have a fairly comprehensive account. I wish that I could remember more of the corrective actions for the runaway stab. and also the Dutch Roll but ,there again , it was another lifetime ago. Regle