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I think the biggest frustration with the Flight Ops Branch is that the majority (stand fast the good guys, and there are a few - I was married to one) seem to make the business of flying more difficult. More rules, more regulation, more bureaucracy in place of good old common sense, trust, leadership and flexibility. The irony of it all is that the branch was introduced to make our lives easier, but often has precisely the opposite effect.

Aircrew - Just ask yourself when was the last time the Flt Ops Branch TOOK AWAY a layer of faff and bureaucracy and made your life easier....? No, thought so.

Flt Ops - Stop being so bloody precious about helping aircrew. That's your job. I have done flt ops jobs in theatre (vice people from your branch because you didn't have enough as you only deploy once every 2 yrs, darlings) and walked into a shambles that was cursed by the aircrew. Now, I saw it as my job to make the aircrew's lives as easy and worry free as possible. Strip away the unnecessary and make things more efficient. Be humble enough to listen to the operators and be willing to change things with enough flexibility to change back if it doesn't work. Did I work longer hours (my job) - sometimes. Did I help increase operational output (my job) - I hope so. Did I get thanks (not my job, but I didn't worry if I didn't get it) - quite often, yes.

There are individuals within the branch that are well respected and well thought of - similar to the other "support (read all other) branches". The Branch itself is not. Too many simpering, precious, chip-laden jobsworths who think their raison d'etre is to build their own empire, not to help the bloke over the battlefield do his job better and with the minimum of fuss and exterior stress. Talking to the people you support and changing things to make their lives easier IS NOT WEAK.

And I'm afraid that until there is a step change in your branch that is led by the good guys, it will remain that way.

So no, it's not JUST you.
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