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Hello Cloud B,

Being on the 777, it has been pretty good so far.
It is a very different lifestyle as compared to the 320.
Of course, as the fleet grows, it is going to change.
But so far, you ll have a hard time finding an unhappy 777 pilot.
In a nutshell, great crews, great Chief pilot. It s small enough that you have that flying club atmosphere. We all know each other.
For FOs,
We can plan on 3-5 nights away per month. Unless you get a YYZ trip. It s a 2 or 3 day layover. So at the most 8 nights away per month.
Our regular layover are MNL, CGK, BKK, YYZ. MAN is coming up this summer.
MNL and CGK are operated as a 3 pilot operation. YYZ is a 4 pilot operation.
BKK is the only layover trip with only 2 pilots.
We do have turn around flights. RUH and JED are the the normal ones.
Sometimes we do get DMM, KHI, LHE, BAH. but rarely.
Days off average between 8-13 per month.
Block hours vary as well. The average is 60-90 hours per month.

Thats it for now.

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