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Aussiestinks said:
“Well, hell, no one is forcing any of you to stay here. If you hate Hong Kong and it's people so much, you can always leave. Trust me, I've been to places with far worse pollution then Hong Kong.”

Who said anything bad about Hong Kong people? Get to know them and you will find they are good but powerless when it comes to this air pollution problem in our territory.

But hey, make hay while the sun shines, these last 8 days have been exceptionally good for exercising in the abnormally fresh air.
Lower winds from the south or southeast , midlevel winds are to be found more from clockwise direction , more clockwise in proportion to increasing altitude. Upper level winds strong (70-120 knots) from the west. All this ensures no recirculation of bad air.
Quick , take time to enjoy this totally abnormal fresh air.

Sorry but please do not expect it to last longer.

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