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NSF, I see why you were locked up, Mr MacKay has some questions to answer with respect to not losing your key. However I'll address your Horlicks induced rant and reply accordingly.

My reasons are I was a card carrying BALPA member, I was left feeling disenfranchised as the organisations top brass seemed more concerned with going for easy solutions to low priority issues rather than take on the big pertinent ones. As a result I started a poll after my opinions and views were questioned in another thread essentially to see if my thoughts and feelings were out of kilter with the general consensus. As for why have so much time to post on here, well, like a great number of our colleagues find myself unemployed and not feeling the union did all it could.

You attacked me for starting the poll, and while it is by no means perfect, when typing this reply there had been 600 votes. Of current membership 62% look upon the body negatively compared to 38% who are in the positive camp. Of all people who have held BALPA membership (therefore including the cancelled members) 72% think its ineffective balanced with 28% who are content or impressed with its performance. Thirdly, of those never holding membership for whatever reason, for every one person who think they are doing a good job, 11 think they are not. Am I and the poll I started responsible for this perception?

When you question motives and run someone down for starting a poll, to vote on post #3 (and not comment negatively) kind of endorses it in a masochistic way ... or don't you agree?

The substance to my argument is rubber stamped as I find myself in a group of people who are intelligent to distinguish that BALPA HQ is far away from the individual CC's and the reps who give up their time. I also find myself in a group that outnumbers people with your stance 3 to 1.

You have offered nothing except preaching idolatry and subservience despite the outcomes or results of the union. I was initially advised as a child to only offer blind faith to an organised religion, which I rejected when I was old enough to research and think for myself. Something I subsequently ignored when I discovered science and dinosaurs. I was also taught to avoid throwing good money after bad.

I will not stand idly by as I see the industry I invested 120,000 in destroyed by inactivity, ineffectiveness, division and ambivalence. I am not looking to disband BALPA, I am looking for it to reinvent itself, wake up and take on the rough with the smooth. I think it needs a serious reorganisation of its top personnel, resources and strategies going forward. I have offered suggestions and initiatives that could be employed going forward. What else would you see me do short of a high court gagging order.

I doubt you will change your opinion as I will mine but if nothing else I pondered some of your suggestions and comments as I hope you have with mine and applied your arguments against the points I have made to date to see if they have merit or flaw.

You are more than entitled to a public right to reply. However we could easily turn this into a personal tet-a-tet. I suggest it may be better to continue on PM to ensure the integrity of this thread and the title.
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