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Norman Stanley Fletcher
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There is so much rubbish on this thread about BALPA that it really is quite embarassing. Dreamshiner has, for reasons best known to himself, taken out a personal vendetta against BALPA and just rants on with virtually no substance to his complaints. The statements by Cmon-PullUP are equally foolish - they simply are not true. What is being presented about BALPA only caring for Captains or BA employees or fighting 'small' battles instead of 'big' ones is just utter drivel. More importantly, these statements are being presented as fact to a gullible audience who take it as gospel truth.

From where I sit, BALPA are fighting a vigorous battle on several fronts at easyJet. They have full-time line pilots giving their every spare hour to the work of BALPA - only to be met by a torrent of abuse by some of the people I have mentioned plus several others. It frankly disgusts me to listen to the whining of people who can barely lift a finger to assist - but have hours of free time to rubbish something they should have supported. If you want to be a pathetic whiner, please feel free - just at least have some substantiated evidence to back up your assertions. Personally I would rather poke pins in my eyes than listen to some of this stuff - it really becomes so utterly tedious. Just try and be part of the solution rather than most of the problem.
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