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The met report/forecast in the op is the equivalent of an Australian TTF METAR.
Not quite. In Europe, when a statement of trend is attached to a METAR, that trend forecast is valid for two hours, not the three of a TTF. The TREND is a forecast, and as such is valid for determining weather for the "one hour before and one hour after" requirement for the selection of alternates and the like.

UK AIP GEN 3.5 - 32

10.13 TREND

10.13.1 For selected aerodromes, this is a forecast of significant changes in conditions during the two hours after the observation time: a. Change Indicator: BECMG (becoming) or TEMPO (temporary), which may be followed by a time group (hours and minutes UTC) preceded by one of the letter indicators FM (from), TL (until), AT (at); b. Weather: Standard codes are used. NOSIG replaces the trend group when no significant changes are forecast to occur during the trend forecast period. Examples: BECMG FM1100 25035G50KT; TEMPO FM0630 TL0830 3000 SHRA.
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