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Don't understand...

I fly with a low cost airline and happy as Larry to have a job as a pilot. It's a great job and I earn a descent living. I work hard but before I started flying I worked just as hard.

The classic carrier model is on its way out and it's time we all realize that, and we stop behaving like spoilt little wimps. I get the impression classic airline pilots would like 500-600 hrs a year, more money than their country's prime minister and have nothing but the best hotels and facilities. IMHO, you're spoilt and better stop all the moaning if your companies try to keep the rest at work. There's more people involved than pilots to keep an airline going.
This attitude pisses me off. A friend of me flies LH and he never complained, in fact, he mentioned it's a dream to fly with them. So even a little less would make many mortals utterly happy.

Don't understand....
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