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The Weekly Recruitment Brief number 05/10, dated 12 Feb 10, sent out to all AFCO's, states that all WSOp applications, unless they had been handed off to OASC, are to be discontinued. The WSOp branch will remain closed 'for the foreseeable future'. Applicants are to be advised of other branches that are currently open (ATC being mentioned), otherwise they are to be directed back to register with Call Credit (The 0845 number) to register their interest for WSOp and to expect a very long wait.
I just enquired about joining as WSOp.

Got told that, and was told to expect an email when the position is recruited again.

Any idea how long that might be? The chap on the phone told me 'Shouldn't be to long, this is a position we usually recruit year-round. So this is being done so current applicants can be dealt with'. Any further details abotu how long anyone?

Was probably the biggest phone call of my life and I am dissapointed at the wait.

Any help is genuinly apprieciated,
Jaymie Clifford.
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