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Why ARE shopping centres so important Airside? I have already packed my bags, and they have long since disappeared into the mysterious world that usually delivers them to me at destination. So what is then supposed to happen?

OMG - I can't live without that shirt, I gotta have it and stuff it into my carry-on? Oh, and those 4 ties, and that yummy sweater?

OH - I have never seen a Harrods shop before, I must buy some of that? Keep filling my shopping bag, I'm sure the airline will now let me take it onboard.

IIRC - they even sell LUGGAGE? How does that work when you're already airside?

A little interest in the PEOPLE [those poor souls who actually pay a lot of money to fly in the aluminum tube] and their welfare [I said their welfare, not your profit] might reassure some of us.
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