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Beware of the scam pipework. Once 110K down you will then be offered the fantastic opportunity of buying a 'job' (slavery apprenticeship) for another 30K. Only thing is, you grow envious of that 4.9m x 2.4m patch of diesel tinged tarmac you live on that is earning more per hour than yourself. Remember the 18 months lost earnings whilst training equates to about 30K. The total liability comes to about 215K when you add income tax deductions in. You pay all this liability and whilst training you will have to beg for eveything you'd expect to come as standard, such as flying.

Course fee repayment at 4.75% interest 110K
Purchase a job 30K
Income tax liability on above 45K
Lost earnings whilst training 30K

This is not a "sponsored course", the term probably shafts HMRC out of millions of s income tax revenue. (This needs to come to light).

The CTC course is just like underwater cave chamber diving, without scuba, or a light. If you are willing to put everything on the line for something so uncertain, with a 99%outcome, go for it.
Some of us however signed up in the 'up-times' for a CPL/IR + AQC + Type Rating and that is what was sold, for 65k. So to be short changed like this has lit the blue touch paper.
It is like buying a built-to-order Ferrari with a V8 engine. It arrives and they say: the V8s were breaking driveshafts so we put this lawnmower engine in instead. Oh, and sir you must buy the key separately. Another 10,000 please.
Then months later Ford, Vauxhall and even the car hire companies are playing the same dirty tricks. Congratulations you got the job, now here's the bill for the interview. The precedent of exploitation is set and all "old boys" buddies follow suit.

One thing is for sure. It is paying to beg and be treated like absolute sh#t.

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