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[As much as I think the Harrier is a cracking capability, and as such any thought of simply chopping it to save a few quid to pay for Brown's mistakes infuriates me, nav attacking may have a point.

If the RAF were to 'give in' to the RN and simply hand over the Harrier, that would effectively mean handing over around half of our fixed wing attack capability. It wouldn't take a great leap of imagination to see the Army and RN getting together at that point to put the case forward that the RAF were therefore surplus to requirements and as such its functions could quite easily be subsumed into the other Services.

Going to be a tricky few months ahead. I hope the Air Force Board have their wits about them!
But wouldn't axing Harrier also get rid of 1/2 of the attack capability and hence the result would be the same?

Whatever way you look at it there are very dark times ahead for Defence. I hope whichever Party gets in next. takes a look at (a) The management-rich organisation of all 3 services & MoD (b) Consolidating defence estate - especially in London. and (c) takes a look at the equipment in service and in the pipeline and see if there are any other roles that they could take on.
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