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CTC will remove people. It has been recommended to a few cadets and they have had to argue emotionally to remain. We've seen tears and arguments.

But they still remained (even with tears) due to the financial burden to CTC if they are removed... hence use the emotions to offer them the iCP and make them pay more! Not like in the past where CTC would remove them to retain Quality Graduates. Wouldnt you agree?

The more important point is that people are continuing to somehow get the finances together for the scheme. Secured on properties etc is simply crazy during these times with limited employment prospects. I would be happy to recommend the course but it's simply not a viable option at the moment.
Yes, people are going further into debt funding CTC's money making scheme. Companies start off developing a good reputation and then ride on this reputation to make lots of money by cutting quality... I think we will see this more in the next few years. Another reason why it's not a good option at the moment.
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