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Hi Tim, if your referring to St Mawgan I never operated from there. AFAIK it only had one Squadron, I'm pretty sure it wasn't as well equipped (except runway length), had more weather issues, wasn't as strategic for our MPA tasks, wasn't co-located with all the advantages listed, but it's gone now anyway.
WRT aircraft numbers we are still planning on 9 MRA4, but I understand what you are getting at and agree, however I think the solution is to base more aircraft at Kinloss to make best use of it's advantages, eg: if the GR4 force loose a couple more Sqns why not move Marham to Kinloss and have all your Tornados co-located with huge savings and benefits to staff. Or move Typhoon from Leuchars to provide Northern QRA from a better position utilising the runway which is open all the time, and free up St Andrews airport for the civies. The base isn't as quiet as you think, I don't think there is another base available now to do all of this -

"It hosts 4 major exercises a year, 2 x TLT (mostly fast jets and some helos, AT, AAR, AEW, ISR etc.), 2 X Joint Warrior (lots of MPA plus TLT type visitors). It is ideally located for this due to the ranges, airspace and proximity of Naval and Land units. It also hosts plenty of Tutor, Tucano and C130 dets."
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