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Lest we forget, Portillo was the kn0b who, as SOS Def, sold off the MQ/FQ estate at way less than what it was worth so as to free up capital to spend on doing-up the houses (hahahahahahahahahah - anyone seen the latest Private Eye?).

Abbott has even less regard for us than Broon. It's quite galling the way she has changed herself over the years in a desperate (even by nu labour standards) attempt to climb the greasy pole into the Cabinet.

I have no time for either of them.

As for the current MOD senior staffs, it seems to me that there is very little actual management going on as we lurch from one savings measure to the next, hardly daring to look any further than the next few weeks or the next email demanding yet more savings.

Still, on the positive side, I understand IIP is back!

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