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You are defiantly an inspiration to fellow aviators, I registered on PPRuNe just to post this to you. I commend your efforts and determination of finishing what you started. That is a quality that is all too often forgotten about in todayís society.
Reading your blog has made me think about wanting to go to Africa and try the same thing. The flying looks fun out that way and it sounds like much warmer weather that Iím used to and no icing to worry about, but I already have a job and it would take me quite a bit of time to save up enough money to attempt that.
I wonder if you ever thought of going to Canada and looking for some work. I donít know what the immigration situation would be to get a visa but there are opportunities here, although times are slow.
Keep up the battle, there is much support here on this forum for you I think we all want you to succeed.
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