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Bitter pill

Whether the training has deteriorated or not, it's a side issue really and I'm not going to get involved.
The appeal of forking out for foundation course, training then this new "contract" with Easy is zero. If you are a current iCP Cadet then you're arguably at less of a "disadvantage" as, once you're through the flying, your wings colleagues are not getting a type rating so you're in the same boat ie, pay for it.
Granted, it's not the full amount but it's still a wad of notes. The Ts & Cs are the real knife to the throat.
Some (many) of us are stuck. In the brown stuff really.

Repayment of loans may be possible or living may be possible, not both !

I've heard this "if we all stand together, we'll force them to offer a better deal" type of chat and realistically, that's never going to happen as it only takes a few folk to hand over more cash and the viscious cycle continues.
Should I see the glass as half full.... ? I do try but really, I can't make this look good
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